Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Week: Oh, Axl...

Axl, Axl, Axl...What have you done now?  For those that for weren't around a computer or TV this afternoon, Axl sent this letter to the Rock Hall through Facebook:

I'll give you a minute to read it...
All caught up?  Ok!  Here we go!

So what has Axl done?  Exactly what Axl does! He found a way to make the inductions all about him and his band and stuck it to the Rock Hall.  It was already going to be about him, but now it's about (at least in his mind) his support of his current band.  

It's the early conclusion to the debate of will he show or won't he show?  From the Rock Hall side, it's the conclusion of what has to be one of their worst embarrassing moments for them (even more than the Van Halen induction fiasco).  They look like idiots! They're only goal was to have them reunite and give the Rock Hall all the klout of making it happen.  I'm sure the members that do show up will perform in some capacity...Matt Sorum mentioned possibly performing with Donovan (that's a can't miss moment...).  Slash will do what he always does...plays guitar with yet another lead singer, and it will be awesome.  But the Rock Hall has to be pissed.  You know that jackass Jann Wenner is seething that someone would have the audacity to turn down their invitation for induction.  

It will be interesting to see how they handle the actual induction of Axl considering he does not give his permission for them to do it.  My guess is that they find a way to represent him in a way that will be intended to piss him off...maybe that will get him to show up and play "Get in the Ring". How does Green Day (I'll get to them in a minute) write the speech now?  Do they mention Axl?  How do you account for Axl in the induction video they've no doubt completed already.  As an aside, those videos are ALWAYS excellent.  I just don't see them taking the high road and respecting his wishes.

So who loses the most here?  The Rock Hall? The fans? Axl himself? Nope, the one he screwed over the most...Dizzy Reed!  What do you do now if you're Dizzy?  This is a guy that beat all the odds.  He may be the least deserving person to be inducted ever!  How would you like to play keyboard in a band and the only song that prominently features the piano...YOU DON'T PLAY IT!  Axl stole that from him too. So does Dizzy still go and get inducted like originally planned? Or, does he follow Axl's lead and boycott?  Don't cross the boss! He's supported you for what?  22 years now?  I don't see how he can show up now...he'd look like an incredible douche to the rest of the current band...Axl declines, but YOU still go?  Whatever, man...

Poor Dizzy.

Overall though, I had a feeling Axl wasn't showing up.  I have two bigger disappointments.  First, Izzy isn't showing up. Again, I figured if anyone would bow out, it would be Izzy (as usual). But, I would love to see even Slash, Izzy, Duff and Steven, plus Matt Sorum (on tambourine?  Maybe some maracas?). I'm sure there will be a decent singer in the house that could fill in.  All I have to say is that they better bring the "Where's Izzy?" sign that was in the "Don't Cry" video! And, I want that sign featured in the Rock Hall...even more than Slash's top hat or Axl's kilt (oops, can't have anything of Axl's).

My other big disappointment is that Green Day will be inducting them. What the hell is the connection between those two bands? I feel bad for anyone that's going if they have to be subjected to Godawful Green Day covers of G'n'R songs.  I'd rather see Paul Schafer jumping around the stage like an idiot with his house band and the remaining members of G'n'R. How could they not get anyone better to induct them.  I would love to see Buckcherry (including a jam with both bands), Alice Cooper, Aerosmith...hell, even Scott Weiland...inducting them.  Or, maybe Chris Rock could do double duty by inducting both them and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Well, that's my two cents...actually, that was a little longer than I thought it would be, so I'll say a nickel.  You're turn...don't tell me you don't have an opinion. I know you do, and I want to see it below!  As always, thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!  If so, please follow me and sign up for email updates!

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