Monday, June 11, 2012

Slash – Apocalyptic Love - Best CD of the Year – I’m Calling It Now!

That’s it! Voting has ended...not that it ever started. I’m calling it now. Slash’s Apocalyptic Love (featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators) is the best CD that will come out this year. Van Halen’s A Different Kind of Truth was ok (see my past review here). Aerosmith’s new album comes out in August. I’m looking forward to it, but based on “Legendary Child”, it’s more Just Push Play than Rocks (I’ll hold final judgment until hearing the full album). Add to that, possible releases by Metallica, Buckcherry, Slayer and Rob Zombie and there’s some potential for some great music to come out. There are even rumors of a new Guns ‘n’ Roses later this year. Mark my words though: this is the one. This CD just ROCKS. Period. 

With Apocalyptic Love, you get the CD we’ve been waiting for Slash to make since Appetite for Destruction.  And, keep in mind, I’m one of the few that have liked all of the CD’s he’s put out (Slash’s Snakepit, Velvet Revolver, solo). A little bit Rolling Stones (ok, a lot of Rolling Stones), a little bit Aerosmith, and 100% Slash. From beginning to end, this album rocks with the swagger and nastiness of Appetite.  Just down and dirty, heavy, guitar-driven rock music that allows Slash to shine. But, this is a true band effort.  Having toured together for the last couple of years, Slash leaves plenty of room for Myles Kennedy to share some of the spotlight, as well as Brent Fitz on drums and Todd Kerns on bass.

Obviously, Slash is the star here.  And, this CD is 100% Slash. While I liked his last self-titled CD and the idea of bringing in a Who’s Who of great singers, the result tended to be songs that sounded like the singers’ styles with Slash playing on it. The Ozzy song sounded like it was an Ozzy song, the Lemmy song sounded like Motorhead, etc. That’s not the case here. It all sounds like Slash.

I have to give a lot of credit to Myles Kennedy. His voice sometimes hits a range that is just plain hard on the ears (for me, at least). However, on this CD, he shows a great range and adds his touch to the songs without getting in the way of Slash. The only exception would be “One Last Thrill”. It’s a great song, but his voice hits his ultra-annoying, nails-on-the-chalkboard range. That’s the only one though. He does a great job on the rest of the songs. “Not For Me” might be his best performance on the CD.

While every song is solid and memorable, the one (if I have to pick one) stand out is easily “Anastasia”. The main riff borrows heavily from his Spanish-inspired acoustic instrumental “Obsession Confession”. He’s also used the main riff in his live guitar solos. Finally worked into an entire electric mind-blowing song, this riff and solo are right up there with anything he’s ever written.

So many of these songs will sound incredible live, I’m hoping like crazy that he makes his way through Cleveland on this tour...he skipped us last time. If he does come around, make sure you don’t miss it!

Tell me your thoughts. Have you heard the CD yet? What do you like or not like? What’s your favorite Slash performances post-G’n’R? Thanks for reading and feel free to share on your social media feeds and sign up to receive my blog in your email!  

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