Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Definitive Answer to the Rock Hall Induction Process

With last week’s announcement of the 2013 Rock Hall Induction nominees, I’ve seen all kinds of various reactions to the choices...good, bad, frustrated, exasperated, etc.  (Check my last blog entry here for my thoughts).  As I was going through all the comments, it hit me: The answer to solve the nominating issue once and for all!  Now, I can’t guarantee no one else has ever suggested this, but I’ve never heard anyone else say it.  If anyone has, please let me know, but until then, I’m taking  The answer is really quite simple: Get rid of the current nominating committee!

I know. You all said “Duh!” before you even finished reading the sentence.  But, stay with me here.  Rock Hall representatives have said that one of the biggest aspects for bands being nominated is their influence on other bands.  Well, who better to choose what bands are most influential than the inductees themselves!  So, completely revamp the nominating committee.  Out with the critics, writers, record execs, anybody associated with Rolling Stone and all the bullshit corporate hacks. Replace them with actual Rock Hall inductees.  Choose a certain number and include a variety of artists to avoid certain genres being ignored (except disco and hip hop which should not be included anyway and are big reasons for all the arguing every year).  They would determine the nominees and then all inductees, and ONLY inductees, would vote on them to determine who makes it in.  The only exception I might make would be to include a fan vote, similar to what the Rock Hall added this year...although, I would have the fan vote weighted a bit more so that it would actually mean something.  Nice thought, Rock Hall, but as usual, the end result is an empty gesture that is simply a PR move on your part.

It seems so simple and makes so much sense. Unfortunately, I just don’t see it ever happening.  It goes back to egos. Nobody would ever give up their part in the nominating process and the Rock Hall would never support such a move that would take it out of their hands.  They love having a say in who actually goes in (who wouldn’t?).  I truly believe it’s simply the nominating committee members’ egos that keeps them from doing what is obvious (or at least right) to all true rock fans.  They like to have their little pet choices that make them feel superior to all of us “average” rock fans. - Oh, you like Kiss? I don’t waste my time listening to that, I’m more of “Kraftwerk” person.  Let me tell you everything they’ve done - Thank God so many rock bands “wasted their time” listening to Kiss, Rush, Deep Purple and Heart.  Let the critics and writers have Kraftwerk, Abba and Donna Summer. Just keep it out of the Rock Hall.

Now it’s your turn!  What do you think?  Does it make as much sense to you as it does to me?  Please share your ideas...whether it’s tweaks to my plan above or something completely different!  Oh, and just to get your comments started, Bono is banned from being involved in any way!  He has to be the biggest shill for the Rock Hall Board/Nominating Committee/Rolling Stone Corporate shitheads mentioned above.  Go spend your time fighting for World Peace. We’ll handle the Rock Hall.  And shut it, Springsteen! I like your music, but you’re next on that list.  Thanks for reading!

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