Monday, January 20, 2014

Super Bowl Commercials - Bud Light's Up For Whatever Missing an Opportunity

The teams are set for the Big Game (whose name cannot be spoken). We'll spend two weeks analyzing every detail of the teams. Or, we can talk about what we’re all really interested in...the commercials! With last year’s Sup...I mean Big Game, Jeff Rohr’s reported on the wide lack of promotion of social media channels ( He also referenced his blog in his book, Audience (read my review at as a lost opportunity for these brands to cultivate and build their audiences. So with this year’s Super Bowl (screw it, I’m just saying it), the hope is that brands will capitalize on this $4 million opportunity.

Unfortunately, Bud Light is already missing the boat in a series of ads teasing their Super Bowl Ads. One series has Arnold Schwarzenegger training to play ping pong. The other promotes celebrities and rock stars for “whatever” is coming next. The Schwarzenegger ad looks like a complete waste of money, but the other ad is intriguing. The problem is that there is no call to action. They both include the hashtag #upforwhatever, but they flash it for the last two seconds of both ads in a very inconspicuous way that can easily be missed. I was specifically looking for something to go to for more information and I almost missed the hashtag.

The buzz and comments that could be generated could have made this a highly talked about campaign leading up to the payoff at the Super Bowl, but instead it falls flat. The opportunity is there for someone to build some excitement that will distract from the nonstop build up of the game itself. Here’s to hoping someone will take advantage of it.

If you saw the Bud Light ads, what did you think of them? Did you check out the hashtag? Who do you think is going to have the best ads for the Super Bowl?

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