Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How Newcastle Could Change Super Bowl Commercials

In my quest to not watch Super Bowl 2014 ads before the actual game, I didn't pay attention to the Newcastle Brown Ale promotion because I thought it was an actual ad. What it is is much more brilliant and could likely have a huge effect on Super Bowl ads going forward.

If you haven’t seen it (see the videos here and check out more about the story behind "If We Made It"), what they did was create a campaign around the mega huge commercial they would have made...if they had the money. Anna Kendrick was set to star in the commercial and gives her very funny take on what happened and her feelings about it. They also planned to have Keyshawn Johnson play a cat on a skateboard. He gives his take as well.

While they didn’t make the commercial, they do have the story boards for what it would have been. Not only do they walk us through the ad, they filmed actual focus groups giving their thoughts on the ad that wasn’t made. The members of the focus group gave varying opinions of what worked and what didn’t and how effective the ad would have been.

Not only did they story board their own ad, they also put together story boards for how they would have made many of the ads that did play during the game. Of course, their versions would have been mega huge!

The campaign quickly went viral and created quite a buzz leading up to the Super Bowl. Why I think this could have lasting effects is because it shows what creative companies can do through social media and word of mouth to create a buzz without actually having a Super Bowl commercial. Couple that with the trend this year of leaking ads early and some smaller, well known companies have to see this as a major opportunity. I don’t think the Budweisers, Doritos or Cokes will go this route...$4 million is a drop in the bucket for their budgets. But, I think you’ll see quite a few companies push their resources online. The level of success they have will depend on how creative they are and how many attempt it.

What do you think? Do you think online only campaigns could work for the Super Bowl and get enough exposure to justify the risk?  What types of companies or ads do you think could be successful? Thanks for reading and please sign up to receive my updates in your email. If you like my blog, please share with your friends!

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