Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It’s Time to Stand Up for Cleveland! #StandupforCLE

When you think of Cleveland, especially those of us who live here, what do you think? Are you happy to live and sing the praises of Cleveland to everyone you know? Or, are you one of the many that can always point to negative aspects of Cleveland and the same old clichéd stories and jokes? Yes, some of the jokes and stories are funny…and frustrating. Most of them are also ancient history. It’s time to let them go and celebrate Cleveland and all we have to offer.
Only 34% of Clevelanders Recommend the City
With the new Positively Cleveland “This is Cleveland” campaign (read my thoughts of this campaign here), maybe the biggest piece of research they uncovered is that only 34% of Cleveland residents would recommend Cleveland as a place to visit to out of town friends and family. 34%! Have the other 66% come downtown in the last decade? Luckily, one of the goals of Positively Cleveland is to try to turn local Clevelanders into ambassadors. 
Cleveland.com - 51 Things Clevelanders Would Never Say
With only 34% recommending Cleveland, what are the hangups of the other 66%? It couldn’t be the old perceptions, could it? You know the ones…mistake on the lake, Lake Erie catching fire, the countless sports tragedies, the saga of the Flats, etc. There was an article on Cleveland.com last week (read it here) that list 51 things Clevelanders would never say. I’m not sure what the thinking here was. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and think they were hoping to get some positive quotes to show Cleveland some love.
What was the very first quote listed? “I’m optimistic about the future of Cleveland.” This is something they think a Clevelander would never say? Really? I get that these negative people are out there, but now Cleveland.com is going to highlight them? Way to support your city… Out of the 51 comments, I counted 6 that were positive. The vast majority of the negative comments referred to the same old stories above. The article said more than 250 phrases to choose from, so how bad were the ones they didn’t print? What was the point of this article again? I have no idea, but it certainly didn’t paint Cleveland in a good light. To be fair, Cleveland.com did publish a new article today that talks about impressions of Cleveland by travel editors before and after a recent visit to Cleveland. (read it here.)
To do my part to help show what’s great about Cleveland, I’m excited to have been invited to be a Tweeter of the Week for @InTheCLE for the week of May 19! They have guest Tweeters every week that post what they love about Cleveland. If you’re on Twitter, make sure you’re following them! If you’re not on Twitter, get on there now and follow @InTheCLE…and me @jeremybednarski.

Finally, while Positively Cleveland has set up #ThisisCLE to highlight Cleveland, I don’t think it’s enough in letting people know how much we love Cleveland. So, I’m starting my own hashtag #StandupforCLE. If you love Cleveland, please use it often. It’s meant to complement #ThisisCLE. Let’s let everyone know that there are more than 34% of Clevelanders that love our city! Click here to Tweet #StandupforCLE to your followers!

Thanks for reading. Please let me know your favorite Cleveland sites and stories and share this with your friends! On a separate note, are you going to Content Marketing World in Cleveland in September? If so, send me a note and let's connect!

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