Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Need to sell something? Throw it in a box or crate!

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There’s a new fad in sales that seems to have exploded recently. You may have noticed it in your Facebook ads or heavily promoted during your favorite podcasts. You’ve heard them...Naturebox, Loot Crate, Bark Box...even Dollar Shave Club. You pay a monthly subscription cost and you get a box full of products. These might be healthy snacks, new products to sample or a collection of toys that they have nothing better to do with.
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There are advantages to these programs to the companies as they’re able to sell directly to their customers without having to secure deals with retailers. Additionally, they’re able to have customers trial their products and they’re able to secure monthly recurring revenue (sources:;
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Naturebox has been particularly successful by offering its own branded healthy snacks each month. They’ve grown from shipping 50,000 boxes in 2012 to over a million in 2013. They plan to triple that number this year. At the same time, they expanded their product line from 50 items last year to 130. (source:
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There are subscription boxes for a wide variety of interests and the trend is growing. Here’s a brief list of the better known companies, what you get and their monthly cost:

  • Naturebox – 5 full size packages of nutritious snacks; $19.95/mo.
  • Loot Crate (my personal favorite!) - A box full of fun and unexpected geek + gamer gear based on a monthly theme; $19.37/mo.
  • Bark Box – A box of dog toys and treats customized to the size of your dog; $29/mo.
  • KitNipBox – Bark Box, but for cats; packages starting at $9/mo.
  • Man Crate (one time gifts, not monthly) – various packages based on many interests geared towards men; various pricing
  • Birch Box – Beauty, grooming and lifestyle samples; Women - $10/mo. Men - $20/mo.
  • Get many more listed here 
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The only downside is that you may get products that you don’t want as most offer random products. However, most point out that they value of the box is higher than the price they charge. Does this new trend interest you? Have you ordered any? What did you think? Which appeal to you most? Thanks for reading and please share with your friends!

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