Monday, October 6, 2014

Twitter: Another Reason Less is More

About a year ago, I'd wake up each morning and the first thing I'd do is check Twitter. I'd be on Twitter before checking email and before going on to Facebook. I found the Tweets to be much more interesting and found opportunities to join conversations. Lately, however, I've noticed that I don't rush to go on Twitter like I used to.

I'm not the only one. During his keynote presentation at Content Marketing World, Scott Stratten explained that he also changed how he was using Twitter. He called it "selfish social". His Twitter usage has gone from proactive to reactive. He was only replying to Tweets instead of "being there". That’s exactly how my usage has changed too! Other than Tweeting marketing articles that I find useful, I tend to respond or look to see who has included me in their Tweets.
So why the change? Is it a time issue? Waning interest in Twitter? It's pretty simple: I’m following too many people! I’m consistently near the limit of 2000 accounts. As I’m passionate about content marketing, I follow A LOT of fellow content marketers, many of whom Tweet links to articles. Instead of seeing conversations, they’ve gotten buried with tons of marketing links. I perpetuate the behavior as I interact less with people and tweet more links to articles as well.

On a recent Social Pros podcast with Jay Baer and Jeff Rohrs (Listen here), they discussed with Mark Schaefer that Twitter may add algorithms similar to Facebook to limit the Tweets that are shown in our feeds. I hate that idea! I like being able to see all Tweets and deciding which I want to engage with.
So, what’s the answer? I need to follow fewer people! There’s no reason I should be following 2000 accounts. Less is more! Stratten also said that we don’t need to follow back everyone that follows us. It’s ok to picky. It’s ok to keep things manageable. We don’t need to build our followers to the point where we can’t possibly engage with them. As such, I’ve been working to greatly pare down my follows. I want to get Twitter back to the point where I enjoy spending time on the site and find value in who in who I follow. The article links are great and I appreciate them, but I also want to have the conversations. Let's take Twitter back to what we love about it!

How has your Twitter usage changed? Are you following too many people? Do you have as many conversations? What are your secrets? I'd love to hear your thoughts. As always, thanks for reading and please share this with your friends!

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