Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thank You. Two Small Words That Go a Long Way!

I posted this last Thanksgiving. Ive updated it slightly, but the message holds true.

"Thank You". Two words that go a long way. In business, research has shown that a simple "thank you" can do wonders for morale. You've felt it. You finish a project and your boss thanks you and instinctively feel good. Just that recognition and appreciation motivates us.

In social media, I see "thank you's" all the time, and I've gotten a few myself. I appreciate the fact that someone takes the time to send a quick message. It encourages me to continue helping them and to make sure that I thank those that help me out as well. 

With that, rather than write one of my normal posts on marketing, music or whatever, I just want to express my appreciation to all of you. Last year at this time I had just accepted a job with PR 20/20 which is one of the things I'm still incredibly thankful for. 

Thanks to my wife, family and all my friends for all your love, help, advice and support. It truly means more than words can say and you've all helped me more than I could ever repay (although I'll still try!).

Thank you for those of you who read my blog. With all the messages out there and people vying for your attention, I appreciate that you find what I say interesting enough to spend a few minutes checking it out. Whether you've read one post or many, thank you.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving weekend.

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