Wednesday, July 8, 2015

9 MORE Marketing Podcasts You Need to Listen To

Based on your comments to the 20 Marketing Podcasts You Need to Listen to blog post there are nine more podcasts that we all need to listen to. If you love marketing podcasts (and who doesn’t!), you should definitely check it out. If nothing else, it will make more sense out of “MORE” being in this title.

The James Altucher Show: James Altucher (@jaltucher) is a successful entrepreneur, investor and writer. He has lost his money and made it back several times and shares his stories.

I Love Marketing with Joe Polish and Dean Jackson: A podcast for the I Love Marketing community, Joe Polish (@JoePolish) and Dean Jackson (@TheDeanJackson) discuss marketing tactics, psychology, books and more. Get inspired by actionable marketing strategies.

The Tim Ferriss Show: Best known for writing The 4-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss (@tferriss) talks with a diverse variety of professionals to pull out the tips and lessons that listeners can learn and apply.

Moneyball for Marketing: Crimson Marketing’s CEO Glenn Gow (@CrimsonCEO) discusses Big Data and marketing technology with the brightest marketing VPs and CMOs to help you apply them to your strategies.

Brand Newsroom: With these 20-minute podcasts, James Lush (@lushjames), Nic Hayes (@Nic_Hayes) and Sarah Mitchell (@globalcopywrite) offer communication advice with a focus on brand journalism and content marketing.  

Edge of the Web Radio SEO Podcast: Erin Sparks (@ErinSparks) and Tom Brodbeck (@tbrodbeck) from Site Strategics and Douglas Karr (@douglaskarr) from Marketing Tech Blog discuss all things SEO, SEM, social media, marketing news and more.

The Marketing Book Podcast: Douglas Burdett (@ArtilleryMarket) interviews authors for their take on the best marketing tips and insights into the ever changing marketing landscape.

The Sell More Books Show: Jim Kukral (@JimKukral) and Bryan Cohen (@bryancohenbooks) offer the latest marketing and publishing news and strategies to help authors build their audiences to sell more books.

Traction: Creative & Unusual Ways Entrepreneurs Make Progress: Jay Acunzo (@Jay_zo) examines the clever and unique ways entrepreneurs have worked their way through crucial periods to startup successes.

I’ll definitely be checking these out, so thank you for the suggestions. 

Thank you for reading, and please continue to tell us what podcasts you listen to in the comments! If you like this post (and the original), please share it with your friends!

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  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks so much for including Brand Newsroom in your list. I appreciate the support.