Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How Pimm’s Used Twitter to Win Wimbledon

For the Super Bowl two years ago, Newcastle Brown Ale created an online promotion that was super creative and gathered them a ton of attention…all without buying an actual ad. You can read about it here if you don’t remember it. (They came back for last year’s Super Bowl with another creative campaign that you can read about here.)

At the time, I noted how they were able to use social media and word of mouth to create a buzz. In the time since, the social media game has changed considerably with the loss of organic reach and a shift towards paid ads. This makes it harder for brands to truly stand out, but it can still be done.

Through a clever Twitter campaign, Pimm’s was able to create a similar buzz, albeit on a smaller scale, with Wimbledon. Without being a sponsor, they were the topbrand associated with the tournament this year across social media and other digital channels according to Amobee Brand Intelligence.

The Twitter campaign was based around #PimmsOClock with Wimbledon-related messages (although never actually saying “Wimbledon”). There were two factors that helped push their success even more:
  • The Pimm’s Cup cocktail is heavily associated with Wimbledon and is a huge part of its culture.
  • A bit of luck as Andy Murray’s mom tweeted a complaint about her Pimm’s Cup to which Pimm’s replied. 

Luck notwithstanding, just like Newcastle Brown Ale, Pimm’s was able to create a buzz by putting together a smart Twitter campaign to gain attention without having to pay for a sponsorship. They played directly to their audience to boost their message.

What smart uses of social media have you seen lately? What brands have been crushing it on social media? Tell us in the comments below.

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