Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Best 20 Marketing Podcasts You Need to Check Out Now (Updated for 2018)

Top 20 Marketing Podcasts

If you’re like me, podcasts have taken as the audio choice when driving (and even when not). There are a lot of options, but there’s been a void on Tuesday mornings since mid-December. That’s when Joe Pulizzi (@JoePulizzi) and Robert Rose (@Robert_Rose) ended This Old Marketing. That was my #1 can’t-miss podcast each week, and hopefully they'll be back in some way at some point. That said, it seems like a good time to update my list of top marketing podcasts that are in my regular rotation. Check these out to see which may fill the gap you’re feeling too.

But first, a few updated podcast stats courtesy of the Podcast Consumer 2018 report by Edison Research.

  • Podcast awareness has increased to 64%.
  • Listeners of a podcast in the last month increased to 26% (24% in 2017).
  • 33% of podcast listeners average more than five hours of listening per week.
  • 31% listen to six or more podcasts per week.
  • 48% listen to podcasts at home most often vs. 26% in the car and 12% at work. 

Start Your Own Podcast

Not only are the number of listeners increasing, so are the number of people podcasting. That’s because podcasting is relatively easy and inexpensive to do. Here are two step-by-step instruction blog posts for creating your own podcast:

20 of the Best Content Marketing Podcasts

Ok, here’s what you’re really here for…20 of the best podcasts for content marketers in no particular order.

The Networks of the Jays

I’m starting here because these two Jays are quickly building their own networks: Jay Baer (@JayBaer) and Jay Acunzo (@JayAcunzo).

Jay Baer is offering a number of shows through his company, Convince and Convert. Each covers a different segment of content marketing:

1. Social Pros Podcast: Real People Doing Real Workin Social MediaJay and Adam Brown (@Adamcb) continue to lead the podcast pack. Recently surpassing the 300-episode milestone, they talk with social media professionals from companies like Buzzsumo, Coca-Cola and Patron Tequila. You'll learn how they built their programs and how they continue to measure and improve.

The Content Experience Show: Randy Frisch (@RandyFrisch) and Anna Hrach (@Annabananahrach) interview top content marketers to learn their approach to strategy, operations and measurement, and how they turn content into an experience.

3.  Experience This!: Joey Coleman (@thejoeycoleman) and Dan Gingiss (@dgingiss) focus on excellent customer service stories through segments highlighting customer experiences.

Jay Acunzo started with Unthinkable, and has quickly turned that into a media channel hosting a number of additional shows that are just as good:

4. UnthinkableDescribed as "the show for craft-driven content creators," it's a show to inspire us to avoid shortcuts and hacks and do what we love most: create content!

5. The Maker Channel: What if you could find out what your audience likes about your podcast and what they don’t before actually launching it? That’s Jay’s purpose with The Maker Channel. Test your concept and get that will you shape your show.

6. Org Uncharted: Presented by Tettra, Jay interviews marketers that go beyond their company’s org charts to offer impactful marketing programs.

7. The Difference: Brain+Trust Partners co-hosts this podcast with Jay to uncover the missions, processes and strategies that make the difference between brands that are successful and those that aren’t.

A Who's Who of Marketing Thought Leaders

These podcasts feature many of the top names and thought leaders in content marketing. 

8. UnPodcast: The Business Podcast for the Fed-Up: Scott Stratten (
@unmarketing) and Alison Kramer (@UnAlison) discuss how to succeed by showing us what NOT to do, as only they can.

The Marketing Companion Podcast: Mark Schaefer (@markwschaefer) and Tom Webster (@Webby2001) offer their fun, unique insights on content marketing's biggest trends and news. They claim to the “most entertaining marketing podcast”, and they just might be right!

The Sophisticated Marketer’s PodcastJason Miller (@jasonmillerCA) turns his podcast up to 11! You'll learn how to apply content marketing for B2B companies with plenty of rock and roll references and even a few rock star guests.

Six Pixels of SeparationMitch Joel (@mitchjoel) offers his thought-provoking perspective on digital marketing through candid discussions with his guests.

12. Marketer-to-Marketer: Eavesdrop on today’s most influential marketers discussing hot topics in content marketing. These one-on-one conversations were recorded during Content Marketing World in 2017 (at least the episodes released so far).

13. Content MattersMake your content marketing more effective with Andy Crestodina (@Crestodina) and Barry Feldman (@FeldmanCreative). Besides focusing on a specific tactic, each episode includes their "Mousetraps and Cheese" tips. The "cheese" is what attracts customers to your website. Your website is the "mousetrap" where you convert them.

Marketing SmartsKerry O’Shea Gorgone (@KerryGorgone) of MarketingProfs (@MarketingProfs) features a variety of marketers and shares insights to make you smarter.

Social Media Marketing PodcastMichael Stelzner (@Michael_Stelzner) interviews guests to talk about what works in the world of social media.

Marketing Over CoffeeJohn Wall (@JohnJWall) and Christopher Penn (@cspenn) record the show in a local coffee shop and discuss all things marketing.

Brand NewsroomWith these 20-minute podcasts, James Lush (@lushjames), Nic Hayes (@Nic_Hayes) and Sarah Mitchell (@globalcopywrite) offer communication advice with a focus on brand journalism and content marketing.  

The Marketing Book PodcastDouglas Burdett (@ArtilleryMarket) interviews authors for their take on the best marketing tips and insights into the ever changing marketing landscape.

19. Get Shit Done Chat: Jason Schemmel (@JasonSchemmel) interviews content marketers to discuss their successes and learn what it takes to get shit done. (Full disclosure: I was one of Jason’s guests.)

20. The Rethink Marketing Podcast: Act-On Software (@ActOnSoftware) interviews marketers who have rethought their marketing approach with tips that all of us can use.

This is only a handful of the marketing podcasts out there. What podcasts are you listening to? Tell us in the comments below.


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